Embed URL

By inheriting this plugin, you can embed a specific URL to realize the preview function.


$ yarn add @aomao/plugin-embed

Add to engine

import Engine, {EngineInterface} from'@aomao/engine';
import Embed, {EmbedComponent} from'@aomao/plugin-embed';
new Engine(...,{ plugins:[ Embed], cards:[ EmbedComponent ]})

Embed optional

//Use configuration
new Engine(...,{
//...Related configuration

Return specific information before the first rendering

renderBefore: return some information before rendering

renderBefore?:(url: string) => {url?: string
height?: number
collapsed?: boolean
ico?: string
title?: string
isResize?: boolean}

If you need to extend the returned information more, you can inherit the EmbedComponent class, and then override the handleSubmit method


Insert URL

Parameter 1: The url to be loaded, optional, the current input url interface will be displayed by default Parameter 2: icon, the default is a web icon Parameter 3: Title, default is url Parameter 4: Whether to collapse, the default is false Parameter 5: Whether the size can be changed, the default is true

'https://editor.aomao.com', // optional
'ico icon',
'Display title',