Contributing plugins

Refer to the plugin tutorial document

Contribute Engine Code

Clone the am-editor repository on GitHub

Installation dependencies

$ yarn
$ lerna bootstrap

Startup project

$ yarn start

Start collaborative service

$ cd yjs-server
$ yarn dev


Because we have multiple packages, we use lerna management mode

In the compilation configuration, we used father-build

One command can compile all packages

$ yarn build

Site packaging

$ yarn docs:build

Contributing documents

am-editor uses dumi as a document site tool,

  1. There is "Edit this document on GitHub" at the bottom left of each document, you can modify the document here
  2. Open the docs directory on Github, use the file editor to create, modify, and preview files, and then submit a PR
  3. You can also clone the am-editor warehouse and modify the files in the docs directory. After the local documentation is debugged, the PR will be unified.

Financial support



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